Holy ZAPP! – Talking vehicles and walking alternatives.

Holy ZAPP! – Talking vehicles and walking alternatives.


Columbia, South Carolina


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Need to get across town? Like NOW? Zapp RideShare is a cutting-edge ride share company that works WITH college campuses offering three electric vehicles that you can locate, control, and ride from designated locations all from one smart phone app.

Not only will our kick-scooters, self balancing cycles, and e-bikes get you where you need to go in an environmentally friendly way, they will personalize your ride with fun facts and/or geographically relevant ads using iBeacon technology and GPS.

You won’t have to worry about our vehicles being abandoned on sidewalks or yards, or endangering pedestrian traffic. Zapp carefully selects designated pick up and drop off locations, so that our users can always know where to locate and return, and so our road crew team can keep vehicle batteries charged to the max.

With today’s society wanting things on-demand and clean and green, Zapp RideShare is the favorable option when it comes to last-mile logistics. Help reduce the carbon footprint and Zapp on!

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