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Welcome to Voxercise! Voxercise is a Vocal warmup app developed to help you get better at singing. Do your vocal warm-ups anytime, anywhere. You can view what notes you’re singing on the piano keyboard or read the music notation on the screen. Voxercise will even tell you whether you’re singing sharp, flat, or in tune, giving you immediate feedback, helping you learn better vocal coordination, and to sing more in tune. Toggle between along with a piano, voice, or both. Just set your range and sing-along. Watch exclusive videos, make playlists for your daily warm-up routine, or several for practice, performances, or cooling down after gigs. Your free download includes a breathing pack and a demo pack. Download additional packs, and Voxercise will give a portion of proceeds from every purchase to music education nonprofits. Enjoy Voxercise! Your new singing BFF.

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