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RideYellow is an on-demand taxi service that allows customers to request a traditional taxi through an Android or iPhone app. Once a taxi is requested, riders can track the location of the taxi and its expected arrival time. Riders also have the option to tip in the app and rate the driver. The app has expanded its service area to include: Los Angeles City and surrounding cities, Long Beach, South Bay cities, Orange County, and San Diego via partnerships with fleets in those areas.

In addition to rigorous background checks, and fully-insured vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, RideYellow also provides each user the flexibility to pay in cab via cash, card, or stored credit card in the app.

Furthermore, customers already taking a trip who wish to pay for their ride through the RideYellow account, have the ability to sync their current ride with the app under the “Street Hail” feature.

With no surge pricing ever, customers can depend on the same rate no matter the occasion. https://rideyellow.com

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