About the company

ReBLDing is Creating Trust, Transparency and Timing between Homeowners and Contractors.

ReBLDing is an online platform that connects homeowners and contractors while safeguarding the entire process from beginning to end. This platform allows homeowners to post jobs, negotiate estimates and close contracts directly with contractors then allows them the ability to document the entire repair process for both parties. Contractors receive free leads unlike any other platform that charges excessive fees.  Moreover, it provides contractors with marketing exposure, SEO and the ability to grow their business by being curated through as a qualified contractor.

The platform is not only for homeowners who want to remodel their homes but also for those who have suffered a loss by an unfortunate incident, such as fire, wind or flood. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for homeowner to locate the right professional who can help and even when they do they encounter difficulties trying to keep track of the restoration process.  ReBLDing solves these problems and more.

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