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komunity.io is a smart networking platform for professionals. The application allows users to connect with each other and help them achieve their goals by asking for help from peers, colleagues and influencers in an open talent ecosystem.

Users register, complete their concise professional profiles, invite their peers and friends and get influencers to help them achieve their goals. They seek others to find jobs in their companies or join forces in research or participate in a conference. Whatever the professional goal may be, you reach out to seek help to achieve it.

Companies, edu’s and non-profits register and showcase their ethos and demonstrate why it’s important to join them in their causes. They also connect with the larger community to make a difference. Organizations build their virtual profiles and discover how the future workforce wants to engage and work with them. This mechanism helps companies tailor work experiences for future employees and create productive environments.

Komunity enables people to connect at a fundamental level to help each other in a professional capacity, to foster mutually beneficial transactions. We encourage people to find their purpose within their organizations and their communities. We believe networking starts with giving and that leads to a symbiotic ecosystem. Organizations can sign up for the first wave of komunity, and start a dialogue on how to best participate in the gig economy and the future of work.

There is no substitute for a face to face meeting but virtual networking enables you to build and maintain relationships with your contacts in an interconnected world. Including your peers and colleagues locally whom you may not meet often, but who are important to your professional success. Talent today resides in all corners of the world and mobility and remote work are increasingly becoming the norm. Connect with the people who can make a difference in your professional journey.

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