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Meet DoubleDoor, your trusted partner in the online residential real estate market. Our unique online service minimizes the risk of residential real estate investment, turning international transactions into something quick, user-friendly, and — most importantly — secure. With DoubleDoor, investing in foreign real estate has never been so simple.

Each year, more and more foreigners decide to invest in U.S. real estate. Iin 2017 global investment in U.S. residential property reached an all-time high of $152.6 billion USD. Despite these numbers, buying international property can seem like an unattainable goal. There’s the hours spent searching for the right property. The stress of wondering if the agent is profession, the headache of figuring out the costs and benefits of the transaction, the complexities of navigating law and taxes, as well as purchasing and closing procedures, and lack of transparency in the process. And last, but certainly not least, language barriers and cultural differences that only add to the confusion of the process. All of this can be so complicated and overwhelming that a happy ending starts to look like a near impossibility. DoubleDoor is here to help. Created with our users in mind, we value your experience above all else.

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