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Expert Product Design & Development Teams From E. Europe & S. America Managed From The U.S.

Buildateam is a global network of pre-vetted software developers, project managers, designers, QA engineers managed for you by US-based account managers to provide the same level of personal connection & attention to detail expected of full service US-based development shops, yet at significantly lower costs due to the development taking place overseas in E. Europe & S. America.

Buildateam also provides project architecture & management, time tracking, communication tools, private gitlab hosting, code review, and development & staging environments on Google Cloud free of charge.

Buildateam was created when founder Alexey Mustafin saw that miscommunication was very common in Startup relationships with freelancers, despite many such freelancers being extremely competent experts. By building ongoing relationships with remote experts and creating a comfortable structured environment to communicate & collaborate on projects in real time, Buildateam has been able to solve the issue of trust and effectiveness, and made it possible to hire and manage overseas designers & developers reliably.

Product Owners work with Buildateam to create MVPs, eCommerce stores, mobile applications, web apps, & business automation tools. At first the project is estimated & designed, afterwards a team of developers with complementing skills is assigned to it. The project is split into milestones & sprints depending on the budget. Demos are done weekly or bi-weekly. After the project is launched Buildateam continues to help host and maintain the project on Managed Google Cloud.

Buildateam is headquartered in San Mateo, CA and has offices in Latin America & Eastern Europe to provide 24/7 project support. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, UX / UI designers, DevOps engineers, systems architects, team leads, QA engineers, project managers may be added.

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