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Gryphon Online Safety, Inc. was founded in San Diego in 2014 by John Wu, one of the inventors of the MiFi mobile hotspot and Arup Bhattacharya, who developed the media processors that went into the iconic Apple iPod. The company is focused on developing solutions to help protect the ever more complex home and small business network using machine learning based intelligent network protection.

The genesis of the idea came from a personal experience for John where one of his daughters accidentally stumbled on inappropriate material while searching for princesses online. Existing solutions fell short on easy of use and adaptability to the ever growing complexities of the connected family. There is an underserved market where 8 out of 10 parents recognize the pain but there are not many choice solutions in the market. There is also an explosion of connected devices with more than 75% of those devices vulnerable to hacking, exposing the connected family to more threats than ever before. Gryphon is an all-in-one cloud managed network protection solution that combines cutting edge WiFi technology for coverage/speed as well as the latest in machine learning to adapt to the changing online threats to protect our children and our privacy.

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