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About Minds

Minds is an open-source, community-owned social network that expands user privacy, reach, revenue and digital rights.

The Challenge and Key Features

We spend so much of our digital lives on a variety of social networks, connecting with other users and liking, commenting, and sharing content. But while we participate in these kinds of activities, the truth is that these social giants don’t put their users first. We don’t reap the benefits of creating meaningful content or being active, engaged community members, our free speech and privacy rights are not upheld, and we’re at the mercy of newsfeed algorithms that determine what kinds of content we see and when.

It’s time for a new kind of social network — one made for the users, by the users. Having broken the SEC Regulation CF equity-crowdfunding campaign record for fastest company to raise $1 million, Minds is owned and operated by over 1,500 individual investors from around the globe. It is the world’s first truly free and open source social network, founded on the principles of freedom, privacy, monetization and democratization.

Minds’ free and open source software provides the community with full transparency and control over their social media decisions. It protects user privacy with end-to-end encryption and allows users to exchange cash and digital currency for content and rewards. It also delivers 100% of user content to newsfeeds in real-time, so that content shares have a truly exponential reach potential and aren’t subject to tricky algorithms. Minds’ unique monetization structure allows users to generate revenue, and earn money for content and engagement on the network. This fresh, unique approach to social networking has attracted millions of monthly users.


With Minds’ unique engagement concept, users can monetize content and earn money (including digital currency), with Wire: The payment and subscription system that enables Minds channels to pay and reward one another for engagement efforts. Payments can be made in points, USD, and soon, crypto. Global peer-to-peer payments are supported in 26 countries, and users can track all of their earnings in a digital wallet.

  • Affiliates: Earn 25% of the revenue that Minds generates from new user signups
  • Paid Communities: Paid membership communities with reward tiers, to support content creators.
  • Ads: Monetize blogs with Internet ads, and split the earned revenue (80%, while Minds takes 20%)
  • Channle Boost: Users receive targeted offers (in points or dollars) from other users, in exchange for sharing contents

Free and Open Source

The open source nature of Minds provides the community with freedom, transparency, and control over their social media decisions. The company's dedication to free and open source software gives users the ability to verify, for themselves, that it operates exactly as advertised.

Free Speech and Content Control

Minds terms of service allow all content legal under US law. Powerful tools enable users to curate and control their content feeds as they wish, without content filtering.

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